Advanced Level Course

WSET Level 3 Certification

Connecting Grapes to the Glass

Through blind tasting + deepening your perspective on the world of wine

In this next-level course, your palate will dramatically transform (and you likely not even recognize it). Expect to become the smartest wine person in your social circle as many will seek your wine advice recognizing that you actually know what you're talking about.  As a result, you very likely could change your daily wine preferences completely as your palate expands.


This level is where you gain palate proficiency by learning to answer the question "so what?" Our approach to teaching level 3 is to get you thinking about "the why" and "the how" not just "the what."  Great, so you can list soils or rivers in a region.  So what? How does that impact the quality, style, price of the wines from that region?  We teach you to connect the theoretical aspect of wine to the glass. How does the climate in Burgundy affect the winemaking? How is this different in California, for example? How do you taste that? It is this level where you will learn the art of blind tasting and gain proficiency in determining the quality, current age, and future age potential of a wine. You will walk away with an advanced level palate and a solid tasting perspective over different wine-making techniques in addition to the main grapes and wine regions around the world. 


Finally, the Level 3 exam that you'll be preparing for contains 2 parts. Part 1 is a theory exam of 50 multiple choice questions + 4 short-answer questions. Part 2 is a blind tasting exam of 2 wines.


So, what are you waiting for?  Let's go!

  • Learn how to blind taste for quality and age potential  by gaining accuracy in your flavor and structure calls and learning how to put it all together.

  • Deeply understand how grapes growing and winemaking affects the style, quality, and price of wines, answering the "So What?"

  • Gain a global palate as we discuss and taste wines most all wine regions around the world.

  • Learn how to identify global grapes and regions, like Burgundy, Barolo and gain useful markers to help you in your tasting.

  • Sparkling, Sweet and Fortified wines are also explored in depth.

WSET Level 3 San Diego

WSET Level 3 Certification

WSET Level 3 Temecula

WSET Level 3 Certification

WSET Level 3 Online

WSET Level 3 Certification
WSET Level 3 Study Support

Some of our WSET Level 3 reviews to muse

Both [WSET Level 2 and 3] challenging programs, Lindsay brought a freshness to learning about wine, and what is extremely technical and educational is also entertaning when Lindsay is involved.

Nick B

5 Star Yelp Review
5 Star Yelp Review

Her teaching skills and passion for wine shine through as she details varietals and regions with personal stories and visuals.  Her classes are entertaining and fun..

Mark E

5 Star Yelp Review
5 Star Yelp Review

[Regarding Level 2 and 3] Lindsay's style is an engaging mix of valuable information blended with a fantastic sense of humor and a genuine desire to see all of her students succeed.

Laura M

5 Star Yelp Review
5 Star Yelp Review

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