Beginner's Tasting Course

Language of Wine

Tasting Course.

Beginner's Tasting Course

Language of Wine

Online Tasting Course

In this 3 week course you will learn the professional's approach to tasting wine so that you can better understand the language of how to describe your favorite wines! As a novice, this is the first step to get to know your palate so you can deepen your appreciation of this exciting beverage. We will also be covering service, storage, labels and food and wine pairing as well. Each class is 1.5 hours long. All classes will be held online on Zoom! [Note: Wines will be sold separately].

Costs $135 for entire 3 class course.

Language of Wine  Online Tasting Course

Language of Wine Course Testimonials

The huge #1 benefit I’ve gotten, though, is that she teaches a systematic approach to wine tasting that is reproducible and works across every wine I’ve tasted since I’ve learned it.  I now can not only tell a good wine from a mediocre one, but I can tell you why it’s a better wine using concrete terms.
- Damon S

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