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Advanced Level Wine Courses

You know how to write a tasting note. You have the basics down cold, but you still need refinement in your calls + your theoretical knowledge needs expanding.  It's at this level where we begin to blind taste, connecting the theory to the glass to answer the "so, what?" of wine.

Are you ready to connect it all together?

Refining your knowledge + achieving palate prowess

Signature Courses

Blind Taste Smarter

These courses are designed to help you get to the next phase in mastering blind tasting: knowing your grapes and regions and recognizing them in a blind. These courses dramatically speed up your learning curve and you will learn Master-level ways to more accurately get to the right call. Not only will we be blind tasting to ID regions or grapes, but they will be presented with their laterals (meaning regions/grapes you often confuse others) so you can really hone in on how to get to the right answer faster.

Certification Course

WSET Level 3 Certification

At this level, you will learn how factors affect the style, quality and price of wine and connect it to the glass. In addition to expanding your global knowledge, you learn how to blind taste a wine to determine its' quality, current age, and future age potential. You will walk away with an advanced level palate and a solid perspective over different wine-making techniques in addition to the main grapes and wine regions around the world. We taste over 70 wines throughout the course both blind and "open-label". 

Certification Course

Spanish Wine Scholar

There is no other study and certification program in the world that covers Spain with such breadth and depth as the Wine Scholar Guild's Spanish Wine Scholar  (SWS) program. In the course, each Spanish region is presented as an integrated whole by explaining the impact of history, the significance of geological events, the importance of topographical markers and the influence of climatic factors on the wine in the glass. All regions are presented with unique wines from that area so the student connects the theory to the glass.

Certification Course

French Wine Scholar

The French Wine Scholar program is an official certification course of study designed by the Wine Scholar guild to provide current, accurate information on the wine regions of France and validate proficiency in the Wines of France. This program covers every wine producing region in France and wines are tasted that represent the topic of discussion.  This is a great course for French wine enthusiasts who are serious about deepening their understanding of French grapes, regions and history.

Level 3 Study Support

Learn how to study smart and the right way with the Study Support course supplement.

Blind Taste Smarter Tips

Connecting "the what" to "the why" in the glass

Be careful concluding with color

Look for what's not there

Research every wine you taste

Drill deep into your flavors

Your palate calls are key to ID

Consider quality + winemaking

Wine Smarties


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